Introduction Introduction

Organization’s name: Origin

The name Golden Decade comes from an era in the 1970’s that witnessed some of the largest influxes of Black and minority students into predominantly white colleges and universities in the history of the greater Boston area.

What type of Organization is GDF?

GDF is an Organization committed to the development and understanding of Networking for Business & Related Entrepreneurial issues.

What does GDF do?

GDF offers Scholarship Programs to enrich GDF member youth in their endeavors to attend post-secondary educational institutions. GDF offers Youth Mentoring Programs that serve as a window of opportunity for its membership to give back to local communities by sharing knowledge gained through academic and worldly experiences. Finally GDF offers Foundation members wealth-building opportunities through the employment of effective networking and business development strategies.

How can GDF benefit you?

GDF offers you the opportunity to develop personal business and networking skills through an active and participatory network of accomplished individuals representing a diverse cross section of business and social interest.

Who Can Be a Member?

Membership is open to any individual whose philosophical base incorporates the importance of individual networking with the development of solution-based business opportunities. Coupled with a commitment to civic and community service and the youth of our community the Foundation represents and ideal fit for individuals so inclined.

Where is GDF located?

While based in New York City Foundation members can be found across the country, indeed across the world.