Our History

RokStories The Forming of the Golden Decade Foundation

Three former schoolmates and friends who attended Boston University beginning as early as 1969 established the Golden Decade Foundation in 2003. Together, Duane (Smokey) Jackson, Arlene Bond and the late Bruce (Sweetwater) Brock retained a long and enduring friendship.


Over time their ever-expanding circle of friends included former students from the Greater Boston area and former students from places of higher learning across the country.

The premise of the organization is simple, reconnect and build on the friendship established over many years. The Foundation is developing a network of people who found each other in the Seventies, bonded through their college experiences and want to make a positive impact on the future. When members first came together it became clear that business development through entrepreneurship and encouraging our youth were the common goals.

From the outset the Foundation has promoted networking as the primary means of reconnecting with our colleagues. The first Golden Decade Foundation Networking Conference launched the reconnection. Many of us came together to reminisce and learn who we have become. The initial focus was rebuilding and strengthening relationships, recognizing that each of us represented a valuable resource with expertise to share.

Succinctly captured above is the essence of the process by which we believe this Foundation can grow while contributing to the personal and professional development of its members and the community at large.

Recognizing the financial burden of a college education the idea of awarding scholarships to the sons and daughters of Foundation members quickly moved to the forefront as the answer to our second goal. It is an effort on behalf of our youth and our future of which the Foundation is especially proud.

The first step was to define structure and organization. This effort culminated in the Foundation’s first Networking Conference in October of 2004. Held in New York City, over 55 people attended workshops and panel discussions on a variety of subjects relating to business and network development. The scholarship award fund was created and initially funded at this event.

During the second annual Networking Conference, the Foundation recognized our youth and awarded financial scholarships to several well deserving honor students that were identified by our membership.

The year 2006 has been witness to the rapid evolution and expansion of the Foundation, its executive Committee and supporting cast. Beginning August 18, 2006 for two jam-packed days the city of Boston will be the epicenter for the Foundation’s third Annual Conference. Graciously hosted by Boston University, the Foundation will once again be offering thought provoking workshops in Business Development/Entreprenurship, Health Education and Doing Business with the Federal government.

As for the future the Foundation sees hope and promise as it continues to provide personal and professional networking opportunities for its membership and recognition and financial support for its youth.